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Commit To BETTER Real Estate Practices

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Commit To BETTER Real Estate Practices

360exportusa August 22, 2017

There are thousands of real estate agents, in the United States, and in nearly every location. Clients and customers expect, and deserve the best from their agents, but, before this can happen, real estate professionals must become the best they can be. How can anyone perform to the best of their abilities, if they fail to make a concerted effort, to be better at what they do? This article will use the mnemonic approach, to examine and consider, what some of the essentials might be, of developing and using BETTER real estate practices.

1. Benefits; beliefs: It begins with focusing on, and emphasizing benefits, and considering whether others might also perceive your practices, as being beneficial. How strongly do you believe in your stated beliefs, in terms of why they should select you, as their agent?

2. Excellence; empathy: Are you an empathetic agent, and have you made the effort to learn, and address the concerns, needs, priorities, and perceptions of your clients? Are you dedicated to excellence, in all you do, and how you do it?

3. Timely: Instead of procrastinating, will you take timely action, serve your clients, effectively and thoroughly? Focus on disclosure, integrity, and quality, effective service.

4. Trustworthy; tell: How trustworthy are you, in everything you do? Will you commit to telling your clients, what they need to know, not just what they want to hear?

5. Elicit; earn: Will you elicit positive responses, because of how you perform and behave? Will you earn and deserve respect from others, because they will be able to depend on you?

6. Relevant; reliable: Commit to continuing education and training, so you are the best agent possible. Use all relevant approaches, methods, technologies, and techniques, to best, serve your clients. Will others consider you to be dependable and reliable?

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